Is the United States really United?

Merriam Webster defines united as Made one, relating to or produced by joint action. The diversity of our country is one of the many things that made this nation great. Most great ideas and institutions have a shelf life (an ending) and our country could fall into that category.  Trying to get a consensus on anything these days can be a futile effort. Is it possible that the country has reached a point where the United States is no longer United?  I steer away from the subject of religion and politics in this blog by design, I will be walking a tight rope with this article. My hope is to talk about the country as a whole and not present a fragmented partisan ideology. I hope to address the question in the title of this blog post and what the alternative might be for our beloved country.    
    We have two major parties in the United States, the Democratic and Republican Party. I was born in the early 60s and have seen the parties undergo re-construction several times. The political climate today has a different banter, it has become toxic, to put it mildly. I believe we are seeing the birth pains of a country that no longer fits into one of the two parties. The parties are being destroyed from the inside out. The Republican Party experienced some of these growing pains with the advent of the Tea Party. The infusion of  Tea Party members into the Republican body was metamorphic and has led to many stalemates in passing legislation and a type of innovation rigor-mortis. We look to the other side of the aisle and see a Democratic Party undergoing the same changes. The move towards a progressive type of government has the Democratic Party reeling and attempting to define its new look, and avoid at minimum a  collapse of its own identity.  This leaves us with two main parties that are coming apart at the seams and still trying to govern one sovereign nation. To add insult to injury, they seem unable to agree on the simplest of subjects. The possibility that an emerging party will overtake the current big two doesn’t seem far fetched. This political environment sets the stage for my next point. Will the United States eventually fracture into several countries?
    Most people are aware that Europe is a large group of countries, with most of its countries belonging to the EU (European Union). The United States is a collection of states that make up one country. Looking at the different areas of the U.S., California compared to Alabama for example, the differences are palpable. We also have state laws compared to National laws that are in conflict with one another. The legalization of marijuana is a prime example. I am currently a government employee. If I resided in Colorado, a state where marijuana is legal it would present a conundrum in the use of a state legal substance. The government categorizes the use of marijuana as an illegal substance. I would have to exercise caution in the places I attended and the foods and drinks I would consume. Any trace of marijuana in my system would constitute grounds for being fired by the U.S. Government. This is one small example, another would be the legality of sanctuary cities, abortion rights, and the list goes on. The U.S. appears to have states that act like different countries while some of the states currently promote the desire to have socialism as a form of government over democracy. I am not making an argument for the merits of any of these topics I am covering in this blog, I am hopefully making the case of the United States isn’t really united anymore. Is it possible one day a conglomeration of countries might replace what we currently call the United States? I not only think it is possible but likely.
       A quick look at the demographics of the current United States shows minorities increasing in numbers that would suggest we have become a very racial and ethnically diverse country. The United States diversity is a gleaming strength an has been for well over two-hundred years. Yet, diversity is a tough balancing act for any country and could promote change quicker than some people would find comfortable. Imagine if you would for one minute, a collection of countries (currently states) based on their own ideology under the umbrella of a central entity that you might call a union. This union would provide a military for protection of this group of countries, much like NATO currently does in Europe. The countries (currently states) could decide on their own health care, taxes, immigration policy, end of life considerations, abortion and many more items. The divisions in the United States is at a tipping point and something will have to change or the disintegration of the United States is a possibility. This idea has many questions that I do not have the answers or the expertise to expound upon, just an idea of possibility to ponder. On a side note, Texas and California have discussed succession from the United States in the past. California alone is the fifth largest economy in the world. The thought of the United States broken up into smaller countries will not sit well with some people, I find some discomfort in the thought.  A large group of countries might be the only thing that ensures the survival of our current structure, the United States of America.
    It is obvious the vitriol that is present in the country covers a host of topics. The country is looking for a leader, a political messiah to bring us together and solve the countries divisions. Some divisions cannot be solved, the departure of citizens from England to form the United States is a perfect example. Henry Blackaby said, ” We get the wrong answers because many times we ask the wrong questions”? Is the United States asking the wrong questions today? I have told people for years “There is no easy way to reverse a bad trend, you have to make a radical departure from your current path”. Is the United States really united? I think most people would agree, not anymore. I have proposed one alternative, there are many more on the horizon. The only thing we cannot do is stay on our current course. Maybe United will mean something very different in the future.


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2 thoughts on “Is the United States really United?”

  1. I agree something has to be done. This country is on a down hill spiral, it’s so sad because this is still considered the greatest place in the world to live, but the question for how much longer.

  2. I like the subject, but I admit I do not have any answers. I too was born in the early 60’s and I do not believe we have ever been more divided as a nation. You think they felt the same way in the 1860’s? As a Republic, do the states give too much power to the federal government or do they leverage power over the states? Does the Constitution allow for states to actually self-govern? I seem to recall that we have been referred to as The Great American Experiment. Some have actually suggested that we have out-lived our usefulness. As I watch each state clearly define itself by its approach to life and how much they want the government to determine their lives, it is clear that most Americans identify with one or the other. I was just thinking yesterday about the division and where that division would be. Great subject!

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